My Corona

I’m not sick.
I’m not in isolation.
I’m not displaying symptoms of the Corona Virus. I’m fine.

I’ve been told we’re in a state of emergency as from this morning. What this means exactly is unclear at present. I’ve known for a few days that something was brewing ever since the toilet paper crisis began – at that stage, the toilet paper shortage was the emergency.

Photo by Clare Mueller – unsplash

I was told on Saturday that my walking tour job has been suspended and this morning,  the government dept I work for has also suspended operations. It’s not a good time to be in the tourism industry. What this means for me job-wise I don’t yet know. As I work in the front line of tourism at a Visitor Information Centre I can’t really work from home.

There are a lot of unknowns here.

I do know that there is this thing called Covid-19 and that it is highly contagious.  I know that it originated in China- in a Wuhan food market. I know I have to wash my hands for a long, long time. (Sing Happy Birthday twice) I’m aware of the Covid-19 symptoms and what to do.

Photo by curology – unsplash

But in reality, this is a 3-month-old virus crisis and no one really knows anything. Except for scientists and medical experts. They’re my heroes at present. Not politicians who probably have some good intentions but are bumbling around in the dark like the rest of us.

I’m feeling sad for the small business owners who for various reasons have to shut down their shops; I’m sad for the organisers of live events;  I’m worried about how the old and infirm will manage – especially those who don’t have support.

I question why Crown Casino is still open when theatres, galleries, museums, and libraries have been shut down. Oh wait- I do know: Ker-ching. It’ll be right mate; the casinos will keep the economy moving. I question if clear communications have been sent out to all authorities about what to do. I’m questioning the ability of our government to manage this situation.

I’m becoming cynical and this is Day one of the Emergency.

Stay tuned for more unknowns. In the meantime, I’m thankful for the ABC, community spirit and the fact that I have a full jar of vegemite.

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