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Wimmera Road Trip

Tarmac stretches ahead. The joy of the open road – not a cliche.

Murtoa- Photo – Erica Murdoch

Red dirt.
Big skies. So good to see big skies again.
Heat haze shimmer.
Cicadas rasp.
Silence of the bush.
Bull Ants nests.
Bush smell. I want to bottle it.
People trying hard.
Dead roo.
Trucks, so many trucks transporting grain.
Grain town.
Painted silos. We lean into their stories.

Silo Art – Brim- Erica Murdoch
Silo Art – Sheep Hills – Erica Murdoch
Silo Art-Sea Lake – Erica Murdoch
Murtoa – Erica Murdoch
Sea Lake – Erice Murdoch
Murtoa – Erica Murdoch

Water skiing, wakeboarding and boats.

Small town museums.

Cockatoo shriek.

Silo Art – Nullawill – Erica Murdoch

Eating an icy pole on a 37-degree day after swimming at Murtoa pool is the best.
Faded ghost signs.
Empty shops.
Empty roads.
Giant moths buzzing around a light pole at 2am.
Lake Tyrrell, pink in the evening light. No bird calls.

Lake Tyrrell – Erica Murdoch
Sunset at Lake Tyrrell – Erica Murdoch
Stick Shed – Murtoa- Erica Murdoch

Community spirit is not a cliche.

Sea Lake – Erica Murdoch

Country bakeries are the bee’s knees. 
Country pubs are the bee’s knees.
Country pubs need people.
Country towns need people.
Grand old buildings give me hope.
Wide brown lane is not a cliche.
Community is not a cliche- it’s all we have.
Not loneliness.
My country, our country.

Sea Lake – Erica Murdoch


Silo Art Trail

Murtoa Cabins on Lake Marma

Stick Shed Murtoa

Railway Hotel Murtoa

5 thoughts on “Wimmera Road Trip

  1. I’ve just added it to the bucket list! I’ve been wanting to do the silo art trail for a while now. I agree that country towns are amazing places to photograph. Especially those with the grand old buildings and the big old post office.


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