Blog Name dilemma

What’s in a (blog) name?


What’s in a name?

I was going to call this blog Mother of Dragons. But I figured that HBO might have copyright of that particular term and I don’t want a lawsuit from HBO.

Plus it’s a bit of a cheesy name, although I am the mother of teens(who do resemble dragons at times). My own name is too close to that of a certain media mogul and I’d just get swamped in the wake of his Google searches.

My married name has a nice ring to it, but I only use it when telemarketers call and ask to speak to the lady of the house.

I was beginning to feel like this

Photo on 2013-04-17 at 22.42

So, I’ve appropriated a name coined by a ¬†friend. This blog is a virtual coffee shop for women (of all ages) It’s a place to sit back, look at issues that face us as women, ¬†laugh at ourselves and our leaky pelvic floors.

Welcome to The Pelvic Floor Coffee Club.

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