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Crush- Imaginary boyfriends – An update

Enough of the doom and the bloody gloom- I’m going to write something frivolous and have some fun.

It’s been three years since I last wrote a list of my crushes- named The Fucket List- Desirables Living and Dead. Maybe I should call it the dinner party list, the top 10 people I’d like to meet or simply, The Imaginary Boyfriend List.

Not that I’m disregarding any of my past desirables – but I have a few to add.

Trigger warning- huge objectification of men…

In no particular order:

Alec Baldwin

He’s funny, endearing, and as he’s matured his work has become more and more interesting. Never did I ever think that he would don an orange wig and play Trump in SNL.

Alec Baldwin by Gage Skidmore

Martin Rotsey

The gunslinger guitarist from Midnight Oil who never ever talks, occasionally smiles, but how he can play guitar! Very little is known about him and he likes to keep it that way. For Martin, it’s all about the music and quite rightly so.

Martin Rotsey by Gaye Gerard

George Clooney

Yes, he’s handsome and the title Silver Fox was really made for him. However, there’s more to George than that. He’s funny, self deprecating and just seems like a good bloke. He does interesting work- moreso now as a producer and director. Would love if if he write a book – I think there would be some good stories.

Photo by Michael Vlasaty

Jon Stewart

His snark and wit and sense of ridiculous. One of the greatest afternoons of my life was going to a recording of The Daily Show in 2014. It was all about the journey from getting Twitter alerts about ticket releases at 2AM Australian time, doing a 22 hour plane trip and lining up in a jetlagged state in freezing conditions. But it was all worth it. Since his retirement he hasn’t popped up very much but I dance with joy when he does.

Photo by Anthony Turner

Steve Carell

This one caught me by surprise. Never been a huge fan of The Office, but watching him develop as an actor in recent times has been an absolute delight. Steve’s got a range and depth that I never previously suspected. That sounds so patronising. But I only ever thought of him as a comic. And he’s getting a few shades of grey in his hair which rounds things off nicely.

Photographer unknwn

Professor Brett Sutton

Probably no one outside Australia knows this man. He’s the Chief Medical Officer for our state. And since the onset of Covid 19 he’s been fronting the press conferences with the Premier. The Chottie as he is now known, is calm, clear and professional. In his younger days he looked like a cross between Michael Hutchence and Eddie Vedder. Now there’s a hint of delicious grey stubble , a Facebook fan group and merchandise.

Photo by Daniel Pockett

Honorable Mentions

Barack Obama

Lenny Kravitz

Matt Le Blanc

Malcolm Turnbull

Everyone has imaginary boyfriends or girlfriends. Who are some of yours?

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