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A break in the clouds

For the past few weeks, apart from my daily one hour walk I sit on my exercise bike, switch on a podcast and “ride” for 30 minutes.

My view isn’t very inspiring. The back gate is framed by the Silver Princess eucalyptus tree and above that, the skyline. The latter is the saving grace. The rest of my surroundings may be cold and utilitarian but my little section of sky is ever-changing.  I peddle and watch the clouds scud across the sky. I observe the changes in light, the patterns and the colours. I can spy a raincloud and internally cheer when there’s a patch of blue.  It’s cold and grey in Melbourne at present. I think we are all waiting for a break in the clouds. This could also be interpreted as the end of winter,  and the end of the pandemic.

David Tovar – unspalsh

This afternoon when I was sitting on the bike listening to The Daily podcast I saw a patch of blue sky amidst all the grey. It was just a small section but I could see sunlight crinkling around the edges. And just the simple glimpse of the patch of blue made me feel happy. Perhaps it the hint of spring but I’m feeling a little bit optimistic- for no real good reason.

The pandemic still continues ; the numbers fluctuate up and down on a daily basis. We are still operating under Stage 4 restrictions meaning that our home is our safe haven, our bubble and our centre of the universe. Donald Trump is still sending out alarming tweets. None of these give any reason for hope or solace and there’s just a quiet air of gloom everywhere.

Jess Powe- unsplash

But it is the little patch of blue sky that’s nailed it today.   Plus watching a ridiculous You Tuber called Uncle Roger and laughing at the most inappropriate things. Yesterday, it was a sanity walk with a friend and watching our dogs splash around in Darebin Creek.  A good book can help. I’m reading Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucaschenko. I’m savoring every word of this wonderful writer. At times I find myself reading her words out loud- it lends itself to this! Tonight, an impromptu Zoom session with friends in London and Auckland comparing lockdown restrictions and Prime Ministers. It all seems to come down to the little things at the moment as to how we get through these times. It’s how we all find our little patch of blue sky


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